Outset pesatura a bordo

On board weighing systems for excavator

We are leaders in the field of on-board weighing systems for all types of earthmoving and logistics vehicles. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and vast experience in the sector, we offer precise and reliable weight detection solutions that apply to many sectors, from construction to transport, from logistics to excavations, from the handling of aggregates to port activities, forestry and mining.

Our devices offer countless advantages:

Accuracy and efficiency

Latest generation devices that allow real-time dynamic weighing during lifting operations without operational stops.

Design and technology

Advanced electronics, innovative color displays and intuitive menus for easy and immediate real-time weight reading


Our on-board weighing instruments are designed to be easily installed and used by a wide range of vehicles, because their versatility makes them suitable for weighing different materials, goods and products.

These on-board weighing systems are designed to improve efficiency, safety and weight management in earthmoving and logistics contexts, helping to optimize operations and ensuring reliable results in real time. Their technological innovation and ease of use make them a valuable asset for companies looking to maximize productivity and maintain control of operations.